Tender NoCompany NameProject NameProject TypeDate Received
SCIC-QD-18-136LS Cable & SystemHDD: C2-M1 Al Shahaniya HDD9/1/2018
SCIC-QD-18-137Larsen & ToubroHDD: 220kV Cable Crossing at DNS S/S and Izghawa North Cable RouteHDD 9/1/2018
SCIC-QD-18-138HeliopolisHDD: GTC/736E/2015 - Supply of QP-PTW HolderHDD 9/3/2018
SCIC-QD-18-139Mirrikh HDD: Umm Bab - S611/44 - Supply of QP-PTW HolderHDD 9/4/2018
SCIC-QD-18-140Redco InternationalHDD: NDRC Horizontal Boring for Roads (Kahramaa Project) HDD 9/4/2018
SCIC-QD-18-142Leighton ContractingMT: Roads & Infrastructure in Al Meshaf at Al Wakra MT9/9/2018
SCIC-QD-18-143Al Ali EngineeringMT: Roads & Infrastructure in South of Meshaf Package 03 - (QS049-P03) MT9/10/2018
SCIC-QD-18-145Contraco CIVIL: Decorative Fencing Printing and InstallationCIVIL9/17/2018
SCIC-QD-18-146Al Balagh DynaspexHDD/CIVIL: Installation of DI Piping works at LusailHDD 9/17/2018
SCIC-QD-18-147Redco InternationalHDD: KAHRAMAA Tender GTC 879/2017 HDD9/17/2018
SCIC-QD-18-148Daewoo E&C HDD: Horizontal Drilling Works at ShamalHDD 9/17/2018
SCIC-QD-18-149Dorex EngineeringHDD: RLR Lusail HDD9/18/2018
SCIC-QD-18-150 Baumeister Contracting & Trading Co.HDD/AXIS: TSE Project in Lusail (CP5A & CP6A) HDD 9/18/2018
SCIC-QD-18-151RamcoHDD: Horizotal Drilling of 450 mm & 315 mm HDPE Pipe Line HDD 9/19/2018
SCIC-QD-18-152Baumeister Contracting & Trading Co.HDD: Street Light Ducts in Lusail (CP5A & CP6A) HDD 9/20/2018
SCIC-QD-18-153Baumeister Contracting & Trading Co.CIVIL/HDD: TSE Project in Lusail (CP5A & CP6A) - Complete Scope (A-Z) CIVIL/HDD9/23/2018
SCIC-QD-18-154UCC-Infra Road JV HDD: MV/LV Line HDD]9/24/2018
SCIC-QD-18-155Al NakheelHDD: Qatar University TSP 31 HDD9/27/2018
SCIC-QD-18-156Al Ali EngineeringHDD: Roads And Infrastructure in Al Ebb and Leabaib – Package 03 & 05HDD 10/2/2018
SCIC-QD-18-157Dorex EngineeringHDD: Al Khor Lulu Roundabout HDD10/2/2018
SCIC-QD-18-158LeightonMT: Roads & Infra in Al Ebb & Leabaib (Package 03)MT10/3/2018
SCIC-QD-18-159Medgulf ConstructionMT: Tender for Roads And Infrastructure In South of Al Meshaf – Package 01 (QS049-P01) MT10/4/2018
SCIC-QD-18-160Electro-Mechanical Co. Qatar W.L.L (QEMC)HDD: CP31 Lusail City Electrical Network ReinforcementHDD10/7/2018
SCIC-QD-18-161Consolidated Contractors International CompanyHDD: 5507-34 Roads and Infrastructure in South of Al Meshaf Package 1 - Qatar -HDD Works for DewateringHDD 10/8/2018
SCIC-QD-18-162Al Bawakir UniconHDD: 66kV Cable Line Between Al Waab Super SS to Al Waab 2 SS HDD 10/11/2018
SCIC-QD-18-163 Redco InternationalAXIS: Roads and Infrastructure in Al Ebb and Leabaib – Package 03 AXIS10/11/2018
SCIC-QD-18-164 Qatar Power ConstructionHDD: C31 - Call-Off Contract for Lusail Electrical Network Reinforcement Works HDD 10/11/2018
SCIC-QD-18-165SBK OilHDD: Electrical Ducts in Industrial AreaHDD10/16/2018
SCIC-QD-18-166Strabag Qatar W.L.L.CIVIL: Road and Infrastructure in Al Ebb & Leabaib, Package 03 - Demolition, Site Clearance and Site Preparation (Earth Works)CIVIL10/18/2018
SCIC-QD-18-167Dorex EngineeringHDD: Fiber Opic Cable Ducts in RLR LusailHDD10/22/2018
SCIC-QD-18-168Tunnels by MastersAXIS: West of Meshaf P04 AXIS 11/22/2018
SCIC-QD-18-169Fajr Algazyra HDD: Dewatering Line at CornicheHDD 10/30/2018
SCIC-QD-18-170Waagner BiroHDD: PS_028 - Pipe Laying, Testing and Commissioning Including All Civil Works HDD10/30/2018
SCIC-QD-18-171Doha IntertekHDD: Drilling at Bu Thelah Road - Orbital Road ConnectionHDD10/31/2018
SCIC-QD-18-172Al Jaber InfrastructureAXIS: Foul Sewer Line for Al Rayyan StadiumAXIS 11/1/2018
SCIC-QD-18-173UCC Infra Road JVDD: Dewatering Line in WukairHDD11/5/2018
SCIC-QD-18-174Optic SenseHDD: GTC 735C 2015- 66kV Cable Diversion WorksHDD11/5/2018
SCIC-QD-18-174 Al Ali Engineering HDD: PS_028 - Pipe Laying, Testing and Commissioning Including All Civil Works HDD 11/8/2018
SCIC-QD-18-175 Temalco AXIS: GTC-085/SR_087 - Carryout of Microtunneling Works HDD11/12/2018
SCIC-QD-18-176Al Jaber & Maklouf HDD: C-659 Development of Al Maadeed Street & Surrounding RoadsHDD11/12/2018
SCIC-QD-18-177Larsen & ToubroHDD: Bentonite Filling Work Inside Ducts (250 mm) for Phase-13 Cable Project: C5-M1 - 132 kV DNS S/S - IZHGAWA S/S ; C6 –M1 - 66 kV DIS S/S - Murrah South S/S; and C6 –M2 -66 kV DIB S/S - Murrah South S/SHDD11/15/2018
SCIC-QD-18-178Petroserv Ltd.HDD: Flood Prevention Scheme Phase 2 Package 2HDD11/21/2018
SCIC-QD-18-179Bothar BoringHDD: Dewatering Line at Al Khor Lulu RoundaboutHDD11/21/2018
SCIC-QD-18-180Navayuga EngineeringHDD: District Cooling Network at Giardino Village Pearl QatarHDD11/24/2018
SCIC-QD-18-181Larsen & ToubroHDD: Road Crossing, RC-10 - DIS to Murrah South Cable RouteHDD11/28/2018