Newly Awarded Projects

Reference NoCompany NameProject Name Project TypePO NumberDate of Award
SCIC-PO-19-004Larsen & ToubroGTC/736A/2015 Kahramaa QPTSE Phase 13 Package C6 M3 - Al Waab Super SS to Al Waab 2 SS, C15 M1- Al Sowaidi Super SS to Bin Mahmoud-2 SS & C15 M2 - Bin Mahmoud-2 SS & Al Bidaa Metro SSHDDLT/IG/PT&D/PH13C/P2/SC/LOA/0013/7/2019
SCIC-PO-19-003Refan Trading & ContractingGTC/736E/2015 Kahramaa QPTSE Phase 13HDDREFAN/SUB-CONT/SCCD/19/ 01338 - WO 1394 to 972/6/2019
SCIC-PO-19-002Tekfen ConstructionDesign & Construct Service Road Enhancement to North Road Corridor (P059)HDDAddendum No.3 to SA T334/071/29/2019
SCIC-PO-19-001Al Nakheel LandscapesTraining Sites Project (TSP 31) - Foul Sewer NetworkAXISAN582441/20/2019
SCIC-PO-18-035Navayuga EngineeringGiardino Village Infrastructure, The Pearl Qatar - Foul Sewer NetworkAXISNEC/RK/LPO/STAC/01-12/2018 Rev112/30/2018
SCIC-PO-18-034Larsen & ToubroKahramaa QPTSE Phase 13 - DIS to Murrah South S/SHDDWO EG823WOD900000212/22/2018
SCIC-PO-18-033Fajr Al GazyraDewatering Line at Abdulla Bin Jasim & CornicheHDDSC-002-1812/4/2018
SCIC-PO-18-032Larsen & ToubroKahramaa Phase-13 Cable Projects: C5-M1 - 132 kV DNS S/S - Izghawa S/S; C6 –M1 - 66 kV DIS S/S - Murrah South S/S; and C6 –M2 - 66 kV DIB S/S - Murrah South S/S - Bentonite Filling Work Inside DuctsHDDWO EG823WOR800003611/24/2018
SCIC-PO-18-031Daewoo E&C Construction and Upgrading of E-Ring Road (P008-C2)HDDVO No. 05 to SA-023/201711/22/2018
SCIC-PO-18-030Al Nakheel LandscapesTraining Sites Projects (TSP 31)HDDAN5008511/8/2018
SCIC-PO-18-029Daewoo E&CConstruction and Upgrading of E-Ring Road (P008-C2) HDDVO No. 04 to SA-023/201710/30/2018
SCIC-PO-18-025Elsewedy CablesQTC/015/18 Improvement of Power Supply Reliability for QAFAC NetworkHDDELS/GO/SCI/1018/S-352810/9/2018
SCIC-PO-18-027Refan Trading & ContractingGTC/736A/2015 - Kahramaa QPTSE Phase 13 - EHV Cables HDDWO 21749/22/2018
SCIC-PO-18-026Mirrikh ContractingOoredoo Project - Provision of HDD to Provide Service for New Schools at Rawdat Al BorooqHDDWO2379/15/2018
SCIC-PO-18-025Al Jaber & PartnersC015/OR17001403 - Al Muntazah Package 13AXIS AP/OP/180012749/3/2018
SCIC-PO-18-024Al Jaber Infrastructure Co. Roads and Infrastructure in Shamal AXIS JIS-G/CNT/STC/18 8/31/2018
SCIC-PO-18-023Larsen & ToubroManateq Project - Design and Construction of Primary Electrical Power Substations and ITS Main Feed (HV Cables) in Ras Abu Fontas Special Economic Zone, Umm Al Houl Special Economic Zone and Al Wakrah Logistic ParkHDDL&T/MNTQ/Cable/LOA/SC0058/1/2018
SCIC-PO-18-022Tekfen ConstructionDesign & Construct Service Road Enhancement to North Road Corridor (P059)HDD Addendum No.1 to SA No. T334/0717/29/2018
SCIC-PO-18-021Larsen & ToubroGTC/450B/2011 Kahramaa - 66kV Cable Diversion Works Abu Hamour North to Al Soudan S/SHDDWO EA455WOD80000127/23/2018