Basketball Tournament


Sta. Clara Qatar recently held its opening ceremony for the Basketball Tournament last Friday, November 16, 2018 at MPH-01 Aspire Zone, Aspire Academy in Doha. The first ever basketball tournament was made happen by the Management Committee (MANCOM) members, initiated by Mr. Gary Lopez, AVP for Business Development and Marketing; headed by Mr. Miguel Carlos Linao, General Manager of Sta. Clara Qatar; and Vermeer Middle East represented by Mr. Peter Mikael who actively joined Sta. Clara to this meaningful event as major/sole sponsor.

A parade was held and the players of each team was announced by the hosts, Mr. Jerwin Bantilan and Marlon Ilagan as they walked together around the court. There are five teams organized for the competition and each team is composed of 14-16 members. The teams are categorized in five different colors namely, “Black Borehole Experts,” “White Promising Falcon F5,” “Green Team HSE,” “Blue Pilot Drillers” and “Red Trackers.”

The ceremony was started by a welcome and opening message by Mr. Miguel Carlos Linao. His message was to inspire Sta. Clara team to strive more and unite together to achieve the mission and vision of the organization. The members of the MANCOM particularly Mr. Gary Lopez and Mr. Elmer Ganayo also imparted their messages to the whole team in which they emphasize the word “CAMARADERIE.” They enjoined Sta. Clara team to promote solidarity among the each team at all times and most importantly during work.

The whole team and management warmly welcomes Mr. Peter Mikael, the Area Manager of Vermeer Middle East – Qatar as he give his message to Sta. Clara team. His message was to encourage each team to bring along the three words of true champions towards the friendly competition: “FASTER,” “STRONGER,” and “HIGHER.”

Before the tournament was officially opened, each members of the team joined Mr. Marlon as he leads the oath of sportsmanship. After the oath taking, Mr. Peter took center court and provided the ceremonial toss. He tossed the ball up and received applause from the players which was the remark of the start of basketball game.

The first game was between the White Promising Falcon F5 and Red Trackers. The match between these teams was tight wherein the White Promising Falcon F5 won over the Red Trackers with a score 75-74. On the second game, the Green Team HSE defeated the Blue Pilot Drillers with a score 66-62. The basketball opening program was ended with a short picture taking of all participants while the Black Borehole Experts is waiting to face the White Promising Falcon F5 on the Thursday, November 22, 2018.

The first ever basketball tournament of Sta. Clara will surely be memorable and it is the event that shouldn’t be missed by everyone. The whole community of Sta. Clara is looking forward watch and attend every game as each team is preparing their way to the Finals which was scheduled to be held on December 17, 2018.